Press Releases 2011

31/10/2011 16:22:15 Conditional selling must stop: Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging food companies that make and pack sausages not to mislead consumers by tucking away the casing ingredients in fine print.

25/10/2011 16:19:31 Consumers furious on limited purchase of Rewa Life Milk [White Packet]

The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned about limited stock of Rewa Life 1 litre (White Pkt) milk sold in some supermarkets with three major supermarkets completely without the product. Most corner shops also had no Rewa Life Milk.

25/10/2011 11:51:50 Real estate law changes, will bring fairness to mortgage sales

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes Government’s latest initiative to strengthen laws and regulations governing the real estate sector, in particular new regulations governing mortgagee sales or transfer of property involving banks and other financial institutions. The amendments to the Real Estate Agents Act will will prohibit the deep involvement of lawyers acting on behalf of financial institutions for the purposes of disposing of properties by mortgagee sale.

21/10/2011 16:04:10 Diwali Shopping-Be a Smart Shopper

The Consumer Council of Fiji urges all consumers to be vigilant while doing Diwali shopping this weekend.

17/10/2011 14:30:23 FEA account holders liable for security deposits

FIJI Electricity Authority account holders are liable for any change in security deposits as the account and meters belong to them and not to tenants who rent their premises.

17/10/2011 10:54:41 Taxi fare increase-Another burden on consumers

With a 100 percent increase in taxi fares now, consumers with no doubt will be facing the full brunt of this since taxi is an essential service.


The Council would like to express its disappointment on the authoritative tactic used by FEA where it is practically forcing consumers to pay two to three times more as security deposit.

11/10/2011 09:33:30 Consumer Education Workshop

With the aim to educate and empower the consumers, the Consumer Council will be carrying out a 2 day workshop in the Western division this week.

26/09/2011 16:07:36 Times Up for Baby Food Distributors/Manufactures

The Consumer Council is pleased to note that more than a year’s grace period given to baby food traders to comply with the respective Regulation in place will soon be over.

20/09/2011 16:29:43 Lack of Transparency in Mortgagee sale

THE Consumer Council would like to voice out the unfair practices imposed by financial institutions when selling repossessed properties.

15/09/2011 14:22:16 Council alert on Electricity Bills on Minimum Charges

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to advice all consumers to be extra cautious on how much they are charged for their monthly electricity bills. It has been brought to the Council’s attention that consumers are forced to pay Domestic Minimum Charges even if they do not consume any electricity for the month. This means the consumer ends up paying a minimum charge equal to 20 units every month even if the property is vacant or the owner is not in the country for instance.

15/09/2011 12:21:57 How to become smart and savvy consumer in 2011

In 2010, the Consumer Council received 2,250 complaints worth more than $2.2million. Out of this we were able to resolve 1,348 or over 50% of the complaints and saved consumers almost $1m. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Every year consumers in Fiji lose millions of dollars through unfair trading practices. Consumers could easily save this money and more by being smart, conscious of their purchases and being knowledgeable on their consumer rights if transactions go wrong.

08/09/2011 16:27:29 Council Launches Debt Management and Consumer Advisory Services

The Consumer Council of Fiji under the AusAID project titled “Consumer Financial Protection and Building Credit Competency for Vulnerable Groups” will launch its first ever pilot program on Debt Management and Consumer Credit Advisory Services on 13th September 2011 at JJs on the Park. It is envisaged that this new service offered by the Council will empower consumers to borrow and manage debt wisely. Consumers will also be made aware of how the Consumer Credit Act protects them when they purchase home loans, car loans, or other goods on hire purchase.

07/09/2011 12:04:41 Appointing Panel of Lawyers is an abuse of Consumer Rights

The Consumer Council of Fiji strongly contests the idea of banks to have panel of lawyers for consumers to choose from for the preparation of security documentation in conveyancing matters. Bank dictated panel of lawyers restricts consumer choice in the marketplace. If a consumer pays for the legal costs then who is the bank to decide which lawyer the consumer should go to from the banks panel. We live in a free market economy and therefore authoritarian approach of the banks must stop.

07/09/2011 11:39:37 Bus Safety should be considered along with Third Party Insurance: says the Council

THE latest bus incident in Nawai, Nadi, where a bus/coach caught fire, threatening the lives of 60 passengers, illustrates that not all is well for buses as far as safety and security is concerned. Bus operators must put the safety and security of their passengers on the top of their agenda with one aim - to ensure commuters enjoy safe travel. This is only possible if operators have adequate insurance cover that is sufficient to deal with any claim.

07/09/2011 10:18:01 VAT inclusive prices, must be displayed or quoted

ALL retail businesses and service providers must display Value Added Tax (VAT) inclusive prices.

06/09/2011 14:29:17 Consumers suffer as FEA’s power goes unchecked

CONSUMERS in Fiji are suffering from the unchecked powers of the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) as the electricity provider is also the regulator.

02/09/2011 15:15:09 Transparency lacking in mortgagee sales

THE Consumer Council is concerned that some mortgagee sales are not being transparent, with home owners left in the dark in regards to the disposal of their property.

01/09/2011 16:37:15 No false food claims please!

THE Consumer Council is urging food manufacturers, retailers and restaurants not to make false claim on their products. This comes after the Council found one local food manufacturer and a restaurant that had made ‘Halal’ claims on some of their products without providing the necessary proof.

29/08/2011 16:25:53 Consumer Council to consult hire purchase providers

THE Consumer Council will be engaging in discussions and consultations with credit providers and relevant businesses in regards to the Council’s research on consumers and hire purchase that commenced early this year.

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