Practice Caution when refilling on Cooking Oil

08/11/2011 16:04

The Consumer Council would like to inform all consumers to be extra careful when buying refill cooking oil from supermarkets. The cooking oil you are getting refilled maybe a mixture of different types of oil and not the particular cooking oil you think you are buying.

The Council has been alerted of this unscrupulous practice by some supermarkets that are mixing palm oil with soya bean oils for refills. The adulterated oil is either sold as soya bean oil or vegetable oil. The consumer of course has no knowledge of this as they trust the supermarkets to sell what they are intending to buy. In most cases refills are made in a private area where the consumer cannot reach and see.

It is very disturbing for the Council to note that some traders can go this far to exploit the vulnerable consumers in a rush to grab quick cash. Oil is an essential shopping item that people cannot do without and for traders to be taking advantage of consumers in this way is pathetic.

The Council calls on the Ministry of Health’s Food Enforcement Unit to make frequent checks to supermarkets and take action on those involved in such practice.

This has to stop as the consumers health is compromised here. The refilling of oil should be made in open area where the consumer can witness what is refilled.

Consumers are urged to be vigilant when purchasing cooking oil and to double check what they are buying and the quality of it. The Council also encourages consumers to buy quality cooking oil for consumption as cheap oils are high in saturated fat and heavily contribute to non-communicable diseases.