Council against NCDs

03/11/2011 16:17

Only 15 per cent of Fiji's population gets to live over the age of 50 years as most people are dying due to non communicable diseases highlighted by Ministry of Health, is a matter of great concern for the Council.

The figures are worrying and alarming. Also according to the Health Ministry, 82 percent of deaths in Fiji are due to NCDs.

It shows there is a serious need for more awareness and education on healthy eating and living. It is about time people take their health and eating habits seriously.

The Council is urging consumers to carefully consider what they are buying for their family. Consumers should always check food labels for the level of fat, sugar, salt and carbohydrates which are major contributors of NCDs.

Most fats are found in food that are deep fried such as fries, baked goods including pastries, pie crusts, biscuits, pizza, cookies, crackers, margarines etc. People should opt for green healthy vegetables and fruits instead of fast foods.

Parents should discourage their children from buying junk food that have high quantity of salt and fat in it.

Health Research also shows that at least 55% of students buy morning snacks from their school canteen. Parents should not only educate their children on healthy eating but prepare healthy meals and snacks for them.

With an obesity rate of at least 40% in secondary schools according to a recent health research, schools must strictly follow the Canteen Guideline in place.

Healthy eating habits go together with regular exercise. Current daylight savings should be taken advantage of for exercise activities.

Food and snack producing companies should also share equal responsibility by reducing salt and sugar contents in their products.

Premature death reduces productivity level and hinders the growth of a country. So what you are consuming today has a long-term effect on the nation’s progress as a whole.