Beware of Consumer Council Impersonators

14/12/2011 14:54

The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to warn the public to be wary of impersonators who claim to be working for the Council and carry out unscrupulous activities along the Suva-Nausori corridor.

The Council has received a complaint from a Narere family whose house was visited by an impersonator claiming to be employee with the Council as a Health Officer. The impersonator falsely claims to carry out pest control checks around the house and the compound area at a fee of $30. This check, he says is a must and a directive from the Council.

The suspicious residents refused the service and contacted the Council.

There are concerns that the impersonator is not working alone but in a group as two different men have been spotted during early morning and afternoon hours.

According to the complainants, the impersonators are well dressed with navy blue shirts and black pants like a formal uniform. They talk in an approachable manner with politeness and claim that they have visited a number of houses already when they approach home owners.

The Council is extremely concerned with such behaviour that will not be tolerated. The Council would like to clarify that we do not deal with any sort of pest control checks or charge fee for any of our services.

Consumers are advised to be cautious of such impersonators who would be moving around more during this festive season to make some quick cash. We request members of the public to please contact the Council and the Police if they are visited by these impersonators.