Be Wary of Duty Free Gift Shops

19/12/2011 14:19

The Council is advising all consumers to be extra vigilant when purchasing any electrical items from Duty Free Gift Shops in the Western Division.

The warning follows after a number of consumers felt cheated by duty free traders who failed to provide any redress to the purchased faulty products.

The Council has received a total of 11 complaints against duty free shops selling faulty electrical items. This number is expected to increase in the coming weeks as consumers will rush to duty free shops with the hope to get a good deal.

The Council has witnessed duty free traders unwilling to assist and even listen to consumers when they seek redress. The rudeness and aggressive nature of duty free traders once the product is bought is unbelievable where the vulnerable consumers are shown no mercy for exercising their rights.

The duty free shop owners and sales team need to familiarize themselves with the Sales of Goods Act which specifically says that the product purchased must be “fit for purpose”. Traders cannot refer consumers to manufacturers because the consumer did not pay the manufacturer and is not aware who the manufacturer is. It is becomes the traders’ responsibility to handle and fix consumers complaints on default products because financial transaction took place between the trader and the consumer.

The opposite has been happening in the western duty free shops where these traders are referring the consumers and the Council to contact and communicate directly with the manufactures when there is a problem rather than coming to an amicable resolution.

This shows lack of accountability on the trader’s part where they have no knowledge of the law. As consumers pay money to the duty free shops, it is only fair for the consumers to seek redress directly from these shops.

The Council urges consumers to read and understand all warranty terms and conditions before purchasing any electrical items from the duty free gift shops. Remember, impulse buying only leads to regrets later.