Be vigilant when buying vehicles: Council

29/12/2011 15:03

The Consumer Council would like to reiterate the call made by Fiji Motor Traders Association for consumers to be wary when purchasing unknown makes of imported new vehicles available in the local market.

Buying a brand new vehicle is a huge investment and consumers must not only know their rights but exercise their rights before departing with their hard earned money.

Consumers are urged to demand for pre-disclosure that should contain all necessary details one needs to know before purchasing a vehicle. These are details such as breakdown of total cost involved, interest rate if buying on credit, calculation of interest, freight charges, warranty, re-sale value, reliability and other factors highlighted by FMTA such as make and origin of the vehicle, performance history, compliance to Fiji’s tropical history, after sales service support, operating costs and safety crash rating.

Most consumers who do not understand much about the technical aspect of vehicles can easily be lured to buy the flashy looking brand new vehicles with unknown origin. Do not be fooled and take out time to do the necessary findings before paying for something you will only regret later. Be smart and protect your investment. Do not take flashy looking brand new vehicles for granted and be easily convinced by the salesperson’s unsubstantiated positive claims.

The Council has been inundated with complaints when it comes to buying vehicles especially second-hand where consumers end up losing thousands of dollars. Therefore, consumer responsibility needs to be exercised not only when buying unknown brand new vehicles but when buying any type of vehicle.

 Buying unreliable vehicles is not only loss of hard cash but it is a big risk against loss of valuable lives.