Mothers should have a choice between bottle feeding and breastfeeding

20/09/2016 16:00

The Consumer Council of Fiji believes mothers should have a choice between bottle feeding and breastfeeding as for most mothers the decision to formula feed babies is often a matter of necessity rather than personal choice.  The Council also believes that breast milk is the best for babies as it contains all nutrients needed for healthy growth but many women are forced to bottle-feed their infants because of certain medical and social conditions.

Some reasons for mothers choosing not to breastfeed her baby is time spent away from the baby, inflexible work schedules and necessary medications etc. Many mothers return to work shortly after delivery and in Fiji breastfeeding is simply not conventional in the average workplace.  This is why mothers have to opt for bottled substitutes.

The Council’s market surveillance held throughout this week has found that SMA infant formula are back to normal supply in major retail outlets and pharmacies in the Suva and Nausori areas. The Council is yet to ascertain supply levels in the Western and Northern divisions.

The Council would however, like to reiterate that there marketing controls on foods for infants and young children. We would like to reiterate that the Council is monitoring the conduct of distributors of infant formula and will report any breaches to the Ministry of Health.