Press Releases 2009

02/10/2009 15:26:09 Don’t overlook new consumer credit rules: Warns the Council

The Consumer Council is calling on credit providers, not to overlook the new consumer credit rules while engaging in providing goods and services on credits. This law came into force on Thursday 1st October, 2009 will strengthen the functioning of the consumer credit market in Fiji. New rules for consumer credit will not only increase the protection of consumers but also their confidence in consumer credit market.

24/09/2009 11:49:30 Illegal estate agents a worry: Council

The growing number of unlicensed real estate agents advertising properties and their services is a worrying trend that poses a lot of risks to vulnerable consumers.

23/09/2009 08:49:06 Northern consumers urged to be responsible over Indian Mela

THE Consumer Council is urging consumers in Labasa to be responsible when buying items from the Indian Village Craft Mela which begins in the Northern town this Friday (25/09/09).

18/09/2009 12:13:00 Council questions registration of “bank” company

The Consumer Council is seeking answers as to why a company has been able to register in Fiji under the name “Native Bank of Fiji” despite the Banking Act restricting the use of the word “bank” on a business name or signage without the approval of the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) and Minister for Finance.

31/08/2009 14:28:25 Warning on scam mails

The Consumer Council warns consumers and members of the public not to commit themselves or even consider replying to letters/e-mails/text messages from persons they do not know who seek to engage in financial deals purportedly worth millions of dollars.

26/08/2009 12:21:54 FEA should blame itself, not nature

The Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) should blame itself and its own internal incompetence for the failure of the $34million Butoni Wind Farm in Sigatoka. FEA has adopted the habit of blaming nature and everything else other than itself for its failures.

20/08/2009 15:26:02 Consumers to be benefit from V Australia’s entry

Consumers are poised to benefit immensely from V Australia’s plan to launch daily Boeing 777-300ER flights between Nadi and Sydney in December.

12/08/2009 10:08:24 LTA is misleading the public on Bus ticket rule

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has once again subjected the travelling public into ever-expanding cycle of confusion and misinformation.


The Land Transport Authority of Fiji (LTA) has criticised the Consumer Council of Fiji (LTA PR-7/08/09) of “poking ones nose into other people’s business, so one appears to be helping the public”.

05/08/2009 15:39:17 Consumers suffering from international call war

The Consumer Council is calling on Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) and Fiji International Telecommunications Limited (FINTEL) to resolve the issue over international access calls as it’s the consumers who are being affected directly by these two companies.

05/08/2009 11:30:45 Consumers confused, shocked with new bus fares

The Consumer Council of Fiji is deeply concerned that many consumers have not been fully informed about the new bus fare structure that came into force today (05/08/08).

05/08/2009 10:10:09 Cabbies to follow LTA’s Directive

The consumer Council of Fiji commends the LTA’s directive for the taxis to use taxi meters as instructed by LTA. The Council reiterates that except for Korovou, Taveuni and Levuka, use of taxi meters for all town areas is a must.

31/07/2009 14:59:58 “Middleman” weighing down Competition in Telecommunication Sector

Consumers in Fiji are paying higher call charges for international mobile call charges because of a ‘middleman’ system that is compelling retailer service providers like Vodafone to hook up through a third party network for international access. Similar arrangement is seen with Connect Fiji Limited’s internet service where again TFL is the middleman who is accessing linkage from FINTEL and supplying this to Connect (its subsidiary company).

29/07/2009 10:47:33 Whole Body Vibration Treatment: Concern for Council

The Consumer Council of Fiji is raising an alarm to the public to be aware and be on toes before indulging into any kind of treatment which is not endorsed by the Ministry of Health or which is new to them in the market. The council is making this call followed by an advert ‘Whole Body Vibration Treatment’ (Fiji Times page 50). The advert claims that with the help of the WBV treatment it can reduce the dose of medication for the patients of high blood pressure and diabetics. It also claims that one can get rid of neck, back, shoulder, knees and other body pains from using this treatment machine.

28/07/2009 15:21:02 Air Fiji Fails to Provide Redress to Consumers

The Consumer Council is pleased that Air Fiji paid the money due to its workers after a long wait. One weeks pay paid by the Air Fiji must have brought some relief to the ex-staff of Air Fiji who are facing hardship being unemployed at a time like this. The staff received a weeks pay out of the two that they actually worked for but were not paid.

24/07/2009 15:16:28 Pacific Sun Passengers put at Risk

Delayed flights now seems to be the tradition of Pacific Sun but now it has raised it poor customer service bar to the utmost putting the lives of its passengers at immense risk. The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned that the Pacific Sun flight FJ 190 bound for Savusavu from Nausori on 3rd of July, 2009, putting consumer’s lives at risk. A passenger lodged a complaint that he together with other passengers on board was stunned to witness water leaking in the flight. This resulted passengers changing the seat while in flight.

23/07/2009 16:32:38 Service Stations ignore PIB Advice on new fuel price increase

The Consumer Council of Fiji is inundated with calls from consumers to complain about service stations that had charged them new fuel price before it came into effect. The Prices and Incomes Board announced an increase in the fuel prices with effective from Wednesday, 22 July from midnight. Unfortunately some unscrupulous service station operators decided to cash-in by ignoring PIB announcement. One such Service Station in Nadi (Khan’s Service Station) increased the price of fuel not minutes but hours before the clock could strike midnight. A taxi driver lodged a complaint to the Council that he went to this Service Station on 21st July at 9:30 pm and he was charged the new fuel price. He immediately lodged his complaint at the Police Station. The Council is aware of such market practice which is quite annoying because of the laxity in the system.

23/07/2009 15:50:58 Removing Tea from price control list has resulted in increase in prices

The Consumer Council of Fiji has called on the regulators to study market behavior carefully before removing food and non food items from the price control list.

17/07/2009 12:01:05 Council welcomes Interest rates drops, but bank charges still a concern

The Consumer Council welcomes the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Banking Group’s reductions of interest rates on lending products.

03/07/2009 12:50:31 Regulate mobile termination charges

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on the Commerce Commission to regulate mobile termination prices as many consumers are unfairly losing money during call termination.

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