Fiji TV records profit at consumers expense

23/12/2008 15:56

The Consumer Council of Fiji has no qualms about companies announcing profits at the end of their financial year. After all, the reason for operating a business is to generate a good rate of return or profits. Fiji TV group made a profit of $26.45million in 2008. However, in the case of Fiji TV the Council deems their net profit announcement of $2.7million in 2008 as ‘bad profits’. A bad profit is referred to as profits earned at the expense of poor customer relationships. Whenever a Fiji TV customer’s grievance is unheard by the service provider, those profits are bad. Fiji TV’s bad profits come from delivering a poor customer experience of their highly charged services.

Fiji TV clearly did all they could to keep profits up - but at the expense of its customers whose calls for improved quality of service in terms of addressing repeated TV programmes and movies, abrupt ending of programmes, disrupted programmes and airing of particular sports are in vain.  The Council has been inundated with concerns and complaints from Fiji TV customers regarding their services. Indian customers complain of repeated and disrupted programmes and movies while those who subscribed to Sky channels to view their favorite sports complain of being unable to watch the key games.  These consumers want Fiji TV to stop depriving them of quality service and give them value for their money. Fiji TV continues to be the dominant player in an open market and it has now captured the South Pacific region.

Fiji TV is really testing the patience of consumers by providing substandard services. If Fiji TV’s competitors are able to provide their viewers with new programmes and updated movies, why can’t Fiji TV do the same? Is it because Fiji TV is more into profit making than providing quality programmes?

Meanwhile, Fiji TV’s potential Sky channel subscribers are advised to take time to read and understand the terms and conditions contained in the forms prior to signing the agreement.