Connect Advertisement misleads consumers

30/12/2008 16:01

The Consumer Council has received complaints from consumers on the unavailability of the discounted service advertised by Connect Broadband in the newspapers. Consumers have complained of being misled and cheated and have demanded stern action be taken against such companies. Connect Broadband customers are being offered a discounted rate of only 16 cents VIP per minute for calls made to Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and USA from 6pm (19th December) to 6am on January 5, 2009.  Prior to the advertisement by Connect, dialing 021 and the overseas number could connect their customers to any of the mentioned destinations without any problems. However, this has not been the case since Connect advertised the discounted offer and customers are conveyed a telecom announcement that the dialed number is invalid.


While Connect is trying to give its customers a better offer in order to be competitive, its service leaves a lot to be desired. Ironically, Connect is saying that the problem is a coincidence and has, instead, put part of the blame on the programming at each household. Although Connect is offering a free of charge service to amend the problem for those in this situation, it does not offer an explanation as to why the 021 number became invalid only after the discounted offer was advertised. One wonders whether this offer is really genuine. Connect Broadband should not be allowed to advertise an offer they do not intend to provide.