The Air Pacific Board must intervene: Council

27/12/2007 12:04

Contrary to the view held by some critics, the Consumer Council of Fiji firmly believes that the Air Pacific Board must intervene to stop pathetic service provided by the Air Pacific. It is high time the Board must assess the situation and give guidance to the management team to curb disruptions because such disruptions are affecting our economy. This is a money making period for exporters and importers and most importantly the tourism industry.

Besides tourism sector the importers and exporters are also affected by the pathetic service offered by Air Pacific. The Council also received complaints from importers and exporters who rely on the Air Pacific to transport fresh produce.

As a service provider the public can understand disruptions once in a while but not continuously for over a month that led to cancellation of flights. Erratic service offered by the Air Pacific is not acceptable during peak holiday season. Just by providing accommodation and meals do not cover up for the emotional disturbance the travelers go through to be with their near and dear ones.  Air Pacific should understand the limited number of days people have for their annual leave and therefore should be well prepared for such peak seasons such as Christmas and New Year.

We should not compare airline troubles to overseas countries. The Council believes that comparing problems faced by travelers from Fiji to situations in other overseas countries particularly the US is inexplicable. Travelers in the US have other Airlines to choose if they are dissatisfied with the service offered by a particular airline.  However in Fiji the travelers have to put up with Air Pacific despite its poor service because there is limited or no choice.

Air Pacific must put their act together because the consumers are running out of patience.