Council applauds LTA move

17/04/2007 11:34

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the move by LTA to design bus information which would include bus routes and route number, stage location, fare schedule, bus operator etc. The bus commuters would greatly benefit with the provision of these information, which undoubtedly needed to be addressed.

The Council had submitted an Issues Paper on Public Transportation to LTA in February this year, which amongst other issues highlights the many problems bus commuters have to encounter. Although there is an existing policy regarding bus transportation in the country, they have not been adequately implemented and enforced by LTA. For example, there is a policy on passenger loading, provision and display of fare tables in buses, provision of tickets to passengers to particular destinations. Under LTA regulation 22 the bus drivers must ensure the safety of passengers, inform the passengers of the fare to be charged, charge the correct fare and issue tickets, be neatly dressed, not to count money when the bus is in motion and not permitted to smoke cigarette while driving. Clearly, bus commuters have yet to see these policies in action. 

Consumers have complained of being overcharged or wrongly charged on fares, buses that fail to arrive on time or fail to stop at certain bus stops, overloading of passengers that reach the last bus step that cause discomfort when entering or exiting the bus and impolite attitude of some drivers towards passengers. The Council hopes that with the designing of bus information the issues relating to bus transportation services in the country would be addressed.