Lack of Proper Regulation by Land Transport Authority

25/11/2016 15:45

The Council has received complaints and concerns from consumers regarding the irregular and unreliable bus services provided by Central Transport Company Ltd servicing Toorak (Route 15A).

Passengers that live along this route have complained of the buses not arriving on scheduled times as provided for in route license timetables issued by LTA. Timetables are not made available or publicly displayed to the commuters. Buses on this route purposely avoid the Epeli Street stretch of the route amongst other complaints.

The travelling public are tremendously inconvenienced as they continuously get late to their destinations. This is causing frustration to passengers including the many school children that live along the route. They lose confidence in the public transportation system. Students that live at Epeli Street and Vunivalu Road have to walk further to catch another bus or alternate means of transportation when the bus drivers decide not to come into Epeli Street.

The Council had liaised with LTA via an initial email dated 25 August, 2016 requesting LTA to provide pertinent information to the Council to assist in its investigations. Unfortunately to date, and copious amounts of follow ups made, LTA has not provided all the information that the Council has requested for.

Prior to the Council liaising with LTA, the complainants have raised their concerns with LTA on numerous occasions but nothing effective has been done by LTA.

The laxity in attitude displayed by LTA is unbecoming of a statutory enforcement authority that is mandated to serve and protect the interests of the Fijian commuters.

The Council would like to reiterate its previous calls for the provision of timetables for all bus routes in Fiji to be made available to the travelling public by the bus companies. LTA also needs to toughen up on its enforcement on bus companies not delivering their services in a timely manner as per the route licenses issued to bus companies.

The Council calls upon the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to intervene in the matter to ensure an amicable and efficient solution for the benefit of all commuters who rely on such public transports.