INKK Mobile’s Prepay Roaming Rates is a much cheaper option for Fijians!

21/09/2016 10:28

It is again good news for the Fijian consumers travelling abroad with another Mobile company, Inkk Mobile, announcing its new roaming charges covering 24 countries for prepay customers.

If consumers want to spend less on communication with their loved ones back home then Inkk Mobile is definitely the option as it provides the cheapest rate and covers more countries.

Inkk Mobile is offering the ‘cheapest prepay roaming rates’ in town at 40c/min for calls; 18c for SMS and 20c per MB of data. The new calling rates apply to calling within the roaming country, calling back to Fiji and receiving calls within the roaming country.

Consumers travelling to the following 24 countries - Tonga, PNG, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Malta, Turkey, Albania, Qatar & Ghana,  get to enjoy hugely slashed rates on their next travel.

Now, there is greater choice available for the Fijian mobile users and we welcome Inkk Mobile’s effort in ensuring its customers travelling to these 24 countries get the best rate available in Fiji to communicate with their loved ones back home.

We understand that these new rates have been introduced in light of competitor Digicel’s ‘Roam like you’re Home’ package. The Council encourages competition between players in the market place. Just last month, Digicel had announced its  new ‘Roam like You’re Home’ service  for its pre-pay customers, who are now charged 42 cents per minute to make and receive calls, 24 cents to send SMS, and 21 cents per MB while roaming in  seven countries. The seven countries are: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Nauru.

We encourage a robust competition particularly in the telecommunication sector and now await to see what the other leading telecommunication provider, Vodafone Fiji has to offer.