Emobile Tracker: Don’t Give Your Identity Away

05/12/2016 18:06

Consumers are advised to be cautious when giving personal information such as mobile numbers online.

The Consumer Council of Fiji have been made aware of a particular online site which claims to be able to track mobile phones in Fiji and around the world.

The website, EMOBILETRACKER (http://www.emobiletracker.com/free-trace-fiji.html) traces mobile number, photo and location in Fiji. It says that there is no need to sign-up to use their service.

EMOBILETRACKER is a service specifically designed for people to trace mobile number, Photo and location of persons around the world. It provides the ability to track mobile number of over 233 countries worldwide.

The website notes that if people are getting missed calls from an unknown number, they should simply put that number on their website to get details of that person. It claims a free service for its user.

The website, which the Council is aware of and is under the radar of the police, claims that it instantly tracks mobile numbers in Fiji without any registration required. The Council notes that giving away personal details such as mobile numbers is a possible breach of consumer privacy.

The Council is aware of the possibility that this particular website which operates around the world is a possible scam for the purpose of obtaining personal details for financial gains.

Consumers are advised not to believe everything they see on the internet and to be wary of scammers who are out there looking for ways to steal their information, identity and wealth.

The Council with the help of Consumers International has read Emobile Trackers Terms of Service.

Emobile Tracker takes no legal responsibility for any negative consequence that could occur as a result of the extraction and procurement of the data, the accuracy or delivery of that data.

Regardless of whether they are partially or entirely at fault. Also the Term of Service is between the user who searches for the data, and NOT the individual whose data is being collected and displayed. We expect E-Mobile Tracker to be responsible to those individuals?

The website has no limitation on how many mobile numbers it can track however, it advertises on its website that scrapping or hacking is strictly not allowed on the EmobileTracker services. Consumers Are advised to be cautious at all times.

The page is believed to be affiliated with a particular social networking site, where only the people who upload their numbers and names are shown the results sought. The result will show the country code, telephone number, name, ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, telecom provider, network type and the ountry.

The Council have not received any complaints but is calling on consumers to always be cautious of who they give their personal information to, especially if it is not to a trusted websites.

The Council is aware that there are bogus websites out there which may look like they come from a genuine source when in reality are not authentic.