Awareness for Farmers on Pesticides

18/10/2016 11:02

The Consumer Council of Fiji will be engaging with the farmers and consumers this month to raise awareness on the harmful impacts of agricultural pesticides used in our food production. Community workshops are planned for Nausori, Lautoka and Seaqaqa in the Northern division to discuss this crucial subject.

Many farmers, whether commercial or subsistence backyard farmers have little knowledge about the harmful effects of pesticides on human health and the environment. Many users also don’t know the importance of using the right amount of prescribed pesticides on their crops as excessive use pose severe health risks including waste of money. Hence, the Council will use the opportunity to highlight the problems associated with the irresponsible use of pesticides and impacts of pesticide residue in food, on one’s health and environment.

It is unfortunate that not many consumers have access to trusted “organic food” for consumption in Fiji. Empowering consumers will enable them to ask for disclosure on product information, have access to safe food which is free from pesticides and produced through sustainable farming methods.

The project titled “Safe and Sustainable Food for All”, a campaign against Pesticides in Food, is funded by the Green Action Fund (GAF), which is a collaborative project by Consumers International (CI) and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) to promote safe and sustainable food in the Global South.

The community workshops will be held at the Fiji Police Bure in Seaqaqa on 22 October 2016, at Sugar Cane Growers Council Hall (Lautoka) on 24 October 2016 and at Nausori Town Council VIP Lounge on 25 October 2016 – all commencing at 9 am. Other pressing consumer issues such as debt management, door to door sale, importance of receipts and consumer solidarity will also be discussed at the workshops.