Reasons for Carpark Fee at Damodar City unjustified

06/09/2017 14:51

The recently introduced car park fees at the Damodar City has not gone down well with consumers considering Damodar city is an entertainment and shopping complex. According to the company, the car park fees were introduced to solve carpark congestion at Damodar City.

The Council would like to reiterate that any shopping complex that provides parking for its customers is part of customer service and should not be seen as an additional revenue for the company. While the Council notes the management’s decision to make the first 30 minutes parking free, however, the Council believes 30 minutes is not reasonable to complete basic shopping at the supermarket or to simply choose and compare prices of the items consumers want to purchase.

The company should make at least 1 hour parking free and charge $2 for every 4 hours of parking thereafter. Also consumers with movie ticket should not pay for the car park. This would be a good gesture on the part of the company to demonstrate customer service and not use congestion as an excuse to make money.

Although one hour free parking is not reasonable but it’s a better compromise than 30 minutes of free parking

.There are more customers who use car park for 1 to 2 hours as compared to 4 hours. Why is the company encouraging longer stay by offering shoppers to hog the car space for 4 hours when congestion is the reason for the car park fee?

Even if there is a congestion why is it a concern for the company? Consumers and commercial tenants are not complaining so why use congestion as an excuse to make money from the car park. Newly introduced car park fee is not only causing inconvenience to shoppers but also heavy traffic congestion on the street, never seen before.

As an entertainment and shopping complex, consumers are expected to enjoy their time with family and friends, therefore to retain the trust of its customers and with the aim to reduce congestion, the Council suggests that the option of one hour free parking to be taken into consideration by the management of Damodar City.