Price Hike for ‘Ghee’ and ‘Jasmine Rice’

15/09/2017 12:23

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising consumers to make prudent choices when shopping for Jasmine Rice and milk fat (ghee) as the prices have gone up.

The Council was recently made aware of the increase in price of Ghee and Jasmine Rice in supermarkets. Following this, the Council sought clarification from the suppliers of these products regarding the price hike.

In their response, the companies have clarified that due to change in global prices and supply shortages the prices of these two products are affected.

In particular, due to the increase in prices of world dairy products, the suppliers had increased their export price of milk fat in August 2017. This saw the importing companies increase their wholesale price which subsequently led to the retailers hiking the shelf price to consumers.

Similarly, due to an increase in the global demand for Jasmine Rice, Vietnam (exporter) is unable to supply sufficiently to all its markets. Hence, their sale price importers has increased substantially over the past few months.

Council’s price survey shows that the retail price of a 750ml bottle ghee in February 2017 was on average around $10.00 - $11.00 whereas in September 2017 price of ghee shot up to $16.95. Similarly, the retail price for 10kg Jasmine Rice in February 2017 ranged from $16.00 - $18.00 but in September 2017 the price is in the range of $19.50- $24.00

However, given that both the items are not under price control, different brands of the milk fat and Jasmine Rice are being sold at varying prices in the supermarkets. In such situation, consumers are reminded to exercise consumer responsibility and engage in comparative shopping to get a cheaper deal in some supermarkets compared to others.

The Council conducted price survey in five major supermarkets in the Central division and has noted that the price of 750ml Punjas Ghee and Allowrie Ghee are more expensive with price ranging from $14.95 to as high as $16.95.

While prices of brands such as Fiji’s Choice Ghee and Farm Fresh Ghee are between $13.95 to $15.95. Similarly the price of 10kg FMF Jasmine Rice ranges from $21.50 to $23.99 when compared to Punjas Jasmine Rice. 

With Diwali fast approaching, the Council cautions consumers to take out time to compare the prices of items particularly ghee which is a common product used for making sweets