Digicel needs to give a better explanation to Sky Pacific Customers

31/10/2017 14:53

Digicel needs to explain to its customers as to why the sun outage is affecting more on only one channel on its pay television, Sky Pacific, and not the other channels.

 This is based on the complaints received by the Council that the sun outage disrupts only Sony Channel and not the other channels. Disruption of the channel include sparkles on the screen and also customers experiencing blocks or freeze frames in the picture. Consumers also notice picture or sound quality degrading or screens becoming static and even blank.

 A sun outage is an interruption in satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The interference is caused when the sun is in direct line with a communication satellite and the sun's radiation overwhelms the satellite signal.

 Interruption in TV service due to sun outages can last up to several minutes a day. During this time, you may experience interference with picture quality and sound when watching television. Sun outages do not affect internet or phone service.

While sun outages can be annoying, they are normally short lived and they are totally predictable.

 Digicel claims sun outages are experienced twice a year. The expected time frame when this normally occurs is for a period of approximately 3 weeks to a month. Digicel further claims that the sun outage does not take down the whole 26 channels for the duration. It depends on the satellite feed from the provider.

 The Council fails to understand why only Sony channel and not the other channels are affected. Explanations given by Digicel to the Council on the issue are not satisfactory.

 Yesterday (30 Oct 2017), Colours channel was also down for almost 25 minutes during a prime show. This seems to be a recurring problem and the service providers really need to get their act together and give the customers what they pay for.

 Sky Pacific continues to fail its customers. Consumers pay money for the service but in return get poor to no coverage and unsatisfactory customer services.