Council Welcomes One hour Free Car Parking at Damodar City

05/10/2017 09:24

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the decision made by the Damodar City Management to make the first hour of parking free at Damodar City Complex from their initial 30 minutes of free parking.

The new 1 hour free parking effective from 01 October, 2017 will benefit consumers, as it will allow them sufficient time to make quick purchases and also free up car park spaces for other consumers.

The Council is particularly pleased with the fact that the management took into account consumer grievances regarding the short time frame of 30 minutes for free parking. The previous 30 minutes free parking resulted in consumers paying $2.00 even if they were late by few minutes because of long queues at the supermarket and in other stores.

It was also noted that the 30 minutes started when the ticket was issued at the entrance but the customers faced difficulty in finding a parking slot or simply exiting the parking area which resulted in forking out $2.00 for exceeding 30 minutes.

With the announcement of making the first 1 hour car parking free, Damodar City Management demonstrated that it is a customer centric organisation.