Cost of Dialysis

16/06/2017 09:56

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the setting up of the new Kidney Dialysis Centre in Lautoka by the Island Kidney Assistance Foundation Fiji (IKAFF). The soon to open dialysis facility comes as a relief to the majority of the kidney dialysis patients who live in Viti Levu. This means that getting the treatment at a lower rate, in comparison to the other two facilities (Kidney Foundation of Fiji (KFoF) and Zen’s Medical Centre) offering the same services is now really well within their reach.

Presently, kidney dialysis patients in Viti Levu have to fork out $250 per treatment whereas IKAFF will be charging $150 per treatment making it the cheapest dialysis Centre in Viti Levu.  It is to be noted that the Northern Dialysis Centre is also charging $150 per treatment in Vanua Levu.

However, it remains to be seen whether there will be a decrease in the cost of treatment being offered by the oldest and the biggest dialysis treatment center, The Kidney Foundation of Fiji.

It is also interesting to note that the new set-up (IKAFF) is fully privately funded by the proponents without any Government assistance. The argument then is why the other two facilities cannot reduce their costs from $250 to $150 per treatment or even lower.   

The Council hopes that the entrance of a competitor in the market will somehow encourage KFoF and Zen’s Medical Centre to reduce the cost of dialysis treatment offered to the patients.

Over the years, the Council has received complaints and concerns from kidney patients in regard to the high cost of dialysis treatment provided to them.

For any kidney patient or their family, it is financially crippling to fork out such a large sum of money just to be in good health every week. Hence, there is a need for new players in the market which can prove economical for kidney patients.