World Consumer Rights Day 2017

13/04/2017 16:22

15th March, 2017

World Consumer Rights Day 2017

The Consumer Council of Fiji will be celebrating the World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) on15th March 2017.

This year’s theme for WCRD is “Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust” and theCouncil’s issue for discussion at the event is “Online Security”.

The level of trust for consumers towards traders and service providers is substantially high astraders and service providers are required to safeguard personal and financial informationprovided by consumers online. Consumers are concerned that such information can be and arebeing disseminated by traders and service providers without their knowledge or approval. Thequestion is: How much can you trust someone with your personal information? Consumers mustunderstand the nature of the transaction prior to providing their personal information to thetraders and service providers, as their privacy is crucial. Therefore, the need to have a safesystem that would enable online users to fully utilize the services without any insecurities.

The Council will be conducting a Café Style Discussion Session on 15th March with variousstakeholders such as the Department of Communications; Cyber Crime Unit: Fiji Police Force;Financial Intelligence Unit; Telecommunications Fiji Limited; and Student Representatives. Theobjectives of the Discussion Session is twofold: The first is to highlight the impact of privacyand data breaches on consumers, the economy and society. Secondly, the Council aims to havediscussions on how online security can be improved by businesses, regulators, policy makers andconsumers to better protect consumers in the Digital Age.

The forum will be officiated by the Honorable Chief Justice Anthony H.C.T. Gates and the samewill be held at the Attorney General’s Conference Room, Suvavou House, Suva.

The Council intends to take various feedbacks from the various concerned stakeholders andlobby policy makers to facilitate appropriate policy and/or regulatory framework to safeguard theinterest of the consumers.