‘Bee’ Careful of Fake Honey

11/10/2017 12:15

The Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning consumers against the sale of fake honey in the market.

 The Council recently received a complaint where a consumer paid $10 for a bottle of ‘pure honey’ in the Rakiraki market, however, when she consumed the product at home it tasted more like molasses than honey.

 The Council after receiving the complaint visited the market vendor to establish the facts. It was found that the so called ‘pure honey’ was indeed mixed with molasses.

 Following this, the market vendor refunded the $10 to the complainant and immediately removed the bottles of honey from his display shelve. The market vendor further claimed that it was his supplier who had deceived him into buying the fake honey products.

 In order to ensure that such issues are properly scrutinized and investigated, the Council also reported the matter to the Health Department of Lautoka City Council.

 Poor enforcement of the Food Safety Act is the reason for traders and retailers to engage in unscrupulous practice. It is unacceptable that retailers don’t conduct quality check and push the blame to suppliers.

 According to consumer protection laws, traders and retailers must understand that consumers will hold them accountable for shoddy products and not the suppliers.

 The Council is urging consumers to lodge their complaint through National Consumer Helpline - 155 if they encounter such problems in the marketplace.