Are American Diamonds for Real?

13/04/2017 14:54

1 February, 2017

 Are American Diamonds for Real?

 The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on jewelry retailers to be ethical and advise their customers on the different terminologies that is associated with any particular jewelry.

The Council has found there are retailers who are selling Cubic Zirconia (CZ) as ‘American Diamond’. They are also advertising CZ as American Diamond.

CZ is not a diamond but a cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) which is widely manufactured because it acts as an affordable substitute for diamonds giving that shine and the look.

The Council found that some retailers advertise and sell CZ as ‘American Diamond’ which in reality is not a diamond. This is misleading. A consumer may think that American diamonds are genuine diamonds sourced from America, when in fact it is a man-made stone.

In such case, retailers who are advertising the jewelry as “American diamonds” must stop doing this to allow consumers to make an informed decision on their purchase. The Council fails to understand why they are not stating CZ as other retailers do.

Consumers who are intending to buy American diamonds this Valentine’s Day must understand that they are buying CZ.

The Council reiterates that consumers should enquire more about the product from the trader before they make their purchase.