Feature Article 2018

15/06/2018 14:09:28 Utility Bills

Having electricity and decent water supply is a necessity for all the families. For any family with access to both, their income is budgeted to include regular payments of utility bills.

15/06/2018 14:06:38 Warranty and Guarantee periods

Hire purchase is one of the most common means of attaining products in Fiji. More locals opt to buy items on hire purchase because they find the credit payment system convenient.

15/06/2018 09:55:41 Consumers to safeguard life insurance policy documents

In a world full of uncertainties, people hold on to things that give them a sense of stability and consistency.

16/04/2018 10:06:32 Solicitor negligence

When buying or selling a property, consumers often seek the services of a solicitor to carry out all legal and financial obligations of the transaction. These obligations can be complicated for those who do not have broader knowledge of the law and its consequences in the event some mishaps eventuate. Consumers generally engage solicitors not only for peace of mind but also to ensure that their sale is finalized without any risks.

16/04/2018 10:03:44 Internet use and safety

At the break of school, a young 13-year-old returns home with joy. He dumps his bag on his bed and rushes to play. The field of play is endless and here he chooses to be anyone he wishes to be. His competitors are the same, the characters or pseudonyms they employ are never reflective of their real identity. The field of play is confined to a virtual world, which the young boy is able to view through a computer monitor.

16/04/2018 10:00:08 Wedding planners and make-up artists

Fiji’s location in the South Pacific, makes it one of the best holiday places in the region. The 47 per cent tax rebate offered by the government for film productions has also drawn a large number of movie productions to be shot in Fiji. Fiji’s tropical setting also makes for one of the world’s iconic wedding destinations.

16/04/2018 09:58:05 Taxi and Bus Concessions

Living on a limited income can be very difficult to make ends meet when costs increase for essentials such as health, housing, food, and travel. This can be challenging for senior citizens living in the absence of assured and sufficient income to support themselves.

16/04/2018 09:54:53 Borrowing Beyond Your Means

Trying to forge ahead in life and ensuring financial stability can prove to be a daunting task for families, particularly young families. The trouble of having to ensure basic needs are met often involves a lot of planning and sacrifices. Some families barely get by but continue to work hard for a better life. Others have a steady flow of income that keeps their families comfortable. Whatever the circumstances of a family may be, there is always a yearning to establish a better foundation for themselves and for their future generation.

23/02/2018 12:39:56 Disposable cards

The e-ticketing system has been met with mixed reactions since its implementation despite its good intention. Some have embraced the change with open arms while others have raised issues related to access to top up agents in rural areas or after hours and non-availability of disposable cards on the buses

13/02/2018 10:03:07 Credibility of Travel Agents Questioned

Consumers who decide to travel overseas, whether for business or pleasure, have the option to coordinate travel themselves or engage the services of a travel or immigration agency. Often those who do not have time or lack appropriate knowledge engage the services of an agency.

13/02/2018 10:01:51 When safety shoes are not so safe

Health and safety are of prime importance in one’s life particularly when it comes to work environment. Workers need to adhere to a set of rules and regulations to ensure safety at work premises are maintained at all times.

13/02/2018 09:16:17 When Scratching the Winning card is not enough

Playing tattslotto is a growing trend among people nowadays. Some play it just for fun while others play to win.

13/02/2018 09:14:33 Hoarding of Cooking Gas

It has become a common practice for unscrupulous traders to stock up on items for which they anticipate a price increase. This is done with the aim to sell the products at a higher price when price increase kicks in. Consumers often become victims of such unethical practices where traders refuse to sell items although they have the items in stock.

13/02/2018 09:13:38 Rent Increase investigation made easy with Rent Freeze Order

Landlords have often increased the rent of their premises discreetly without the knowledge of the tenants. The Council has encountered unscrupulous landlords who disregarded rent freeze order and used various tactics to increase rents. Landlords sometimes use renovation as an excuse to evict sitting tenants so that rent can be increased for the incoming tenants.

13/02/2018 09:12:14 Avoid Last Minute School Uniform Shopping

With the new school year due to start in 2 days’ time, the Consumer Council of Fiji is urging parents to avoid last minute shopping for their children’s school stationaries and uniforms. As far as school uniforms are concerned, the recent fire which affected the operations of one of the largest suppliers of school uniforms for most schools, Lotus Garments National Uniforms, simply means parents need to arrange uniforms immediately. Lotus has been the preferred supplier of uniforms for most schools according to their past advertisements.

13/02/2018 09:09:51 Conduct Due Diligence to Avoid Outstanding Dues

Owning a property is anyone’s dream come true. However, if you have to pay for the dues incurred by the previous owner, that fine dream will turn into a nightmare.