Council Board



Mr. Dahia is the Chief Liaison Officer of Fiji International, a golf tournament co-sanctionedby PGA Australasia and One Asia. He is a Director/Shareholder of Dahia Shoes/FootwearIndustries. An accountant by profession, Mr. Dahia, a Rotarian, is also a past president ofthe Fiji–New Zealand Business Council. He has also served on the executive boards of theSamabula Health Centre, Fiji TCF Council, Fiji Exporters Club and the Employers ManufacturingTraining Group. Mr. Dahia has been Chair of the Council since 2013.




A career banker, who joined the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) in Fiji in 1973. He became part ofthe Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd following its takeover of BNZ in Fiji in 1990.In 2002, he joined Home Finance Company as Manager Credit during its transition from HomeFinance Company to the re-branded HFC Finance. He has been a member of the Jaycees,Apex and Rotary Clubs and has also served on Committees and Boards for various othervillage sports, schools, temples and social clubs in the Lautoka and Nadi areas. He is currentlya Director/Shareholder of Daiichi Auto House Ltd, a motor vehicle spare parts dealer in Fiji. Hehas been a member of the Council since 2013.



Ms. Lagi is a private legal practitioner and lecturer in Law at the University of Fiji. She hasworked in various capacities in both the private and public sector. She is a former accountant,tax auditor, intelligence officer, forensic investigator and fraud examiner. Ms. Lagi has alsobeen part of various Boards, including Housing Authority of Fiji, Public Rental Board andTransparency International (Fiji). She has a Master’s in Business Administration from the CentralQueensland University, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Professional Diploma in LegislativeDrafting, Diploma in Education from The University of the South Pacific (USP) and GraduateDiploma in Legal Practice from University of Fiji.




Mr. Gani has more than 14 years of extensive commercial experience. He is currently the CountryManager-Fiji & the Pacific Islands at Brother International (NZ) Ltd. He previously spent 9 yearsat the TFL group with his last position being the National Manager Retail & Customer Service.He holds multiple qualifications in the fields of Business, Engineering, Finance, Management andIT. He has a Master of Business Administration, Post Graduate Diploma in Management & PublicAdministration, Post Graduate Certificate in Financial Administration, Bachelor of ElectronicsEngineering from Pakistan, and, is currently pursuing a Master’s in Commerce. Mr. Gani has a keeninterest in community development work with a special focus on youth empowerment initiatives towhich he dedicates a substantial amount of his spare time.



A Strategic Management Consultant, Ms. Algar has over 20 years of corporate executive experiencein the private and public sectors including corporate management, education, aviation, retail andhospitality. She has completed projects with Cardno MDF Fiji Enterprise Engine, iTaukei Affairs, IUCNand the Ministry of Education TEST Section. Prior to her appointment with the Council, she wasthe Corporate Services Manager for the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC). Ms. Algarhas also worked at Australia Pacific Technical College (APTC) - a development program fundedby Australian Aid, and at Strategic Air Services Australia and Air Pacific. She holds a Master’s inBusiness Administration, a Post Graduate Diploma for General Managers and a Post GraduateCertificate in Human Resources from USP. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Diplomacy &International Relations. Ms. Algar is also a qualified Trainer and Chef.



Mr. Arunesh Chand is a businessman by profession. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Scienceand Master’s degree in Governance from USP. He is on the verge of completing his PhD in ClimateChange Governance as well. He has previously served in various government ministries andwith the Fiji National University before starting his own business in 2012. He also serves as BoardChairman for Aspire Network Fiji.